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Dr. Mayimouna Mariam Kahama Brussels

Introducing Dr. Mayimouna Mariam Kahama, an experienced general practitioner serving patients since 2012. With a commitment to providing excellent healthcare, Dr. Kahama welcomes patients at two locations in Brussels.

You can visit Dr. Kahama and her team at the MKM Polyclinic on Avenue de l’Héliport 100, BTE 001. Additionally, she practices at the Family Clinic in Jette, located on Avenue Charles Woeste 86. These convenient locations ensure easy access to her services for patients in the area.

To ensure a smooth patient experience, Dr. Kahama encourages contact via Doctoranytime’s “chat” feature for any communication after the appointment. This helps facilitate efficient and effective communication between patients and healthcare providers.

In addition to Dr. Kahama, her capable assistants, Dr. Cherkaoui and Dr. Palade, are available to provide medical care and assist patients. Their collaboration ensures that patients receive comprehensive and timely attention.

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mayimouna Mariam Kahama Brussels or her trusted assistants. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality healthcare services, addressing your medical concerns with professionalism and care.

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