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Huisartsenpraktijk de Makroon/
General Medical Practice de Makroon Amsterdam

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, General Medical Practice de Makroon offers a modern and service-oriented approach to medical care. Accredited by the Dutch General Practitioners Association, this practice is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare that adheres to the latest national and international guidelines. With a commitment to constant improvement, General Medical Practice de Makroon ensures that patients receive comprehensive and affordable medical services.

The practice distinguishes itself by extending consultation times to 15 minutes, allowing doctors to provide thorough and personalized care. Through their user-friendly Makroon WebApp, patients can conveniently book appointments online, selecting a time that suits them best. General Medical Practice de Makroon goes beyond standard services, offering a wide range of additional diagnostic analyses and treatments to ensure optimal patient care.

Within the practice, an in-house laboratory facilitates the collection and analysis of bodily fluids and waste samples. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the practice conducts various tests, including C-reactive protein levels, STDs, and HIV. Additionally, on-site facilities enable electrocardiography, ultrasound, spirometry, and dermatological examinations, ensuring swift and accurate diagnoses.

General Medical Practice de Makroon Amsterdam takes pride in its specialization in geriatrics, providing dedicated medical care for vulnerable elderly individuals and those with chronic health conditions. The practice also emphasizes mental health care and collaborates with professionals such as dieticians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech therapists within their premises or nearby locations.

Beyond its primary location, General Medical Practice de Makroon serves as a collection point for blood samples on behalf of Reinier Haga Medical Diagnostic Centre, accommodating patients from various healthcare providers. The practice is also home to Amsterdam Travel Clinic, a certified yellow fever centre that offers professional travel health advice and vaccinations.

With a commitment to serving both tourists and ex-pats, General Medical Practice de Makroon Amsterdam provides medical care services to individuals without Dutch healthcare insurance through Amsterdam Tourist Doctors, catering to the diverse healthcare needs of this vibrant international city.

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