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About “Huisartsenpraktijk Reguliersgracht”

Huisartsenpraktijk Reguliersgracht / General Practice Reguliersgracht Amsterdam

Located at Reguliersgracht 78c in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, the General Practice Reguliersgracht Amsterdam provides comprehensive healthcare services to its patients. With a commitment to offering personalized care, the clinic has adapted to the evolving needs of the community, particularly in light of the ongoing Corona crisis.

In line with safety protocols and to ensure efficient service, the practice has implemented changes to its consultation system. Walk-in hours have been discontinued, and appointments are now required for all consultations. Patients can conveniently schedule appointments online or contact the clinic’s dedicated assistant to secure a suitable time slot.

Keeping up with technological advancements, General Practice Reguliersgracht Amsterdam introduces the Uw Zorg online app, enabling patients to access the practice’s online services via their smartphones or tablets. This user-friendly application streamlines communication between patients and healthcare professionals, facilitating seamless interactions and providing greater convenience for individuals seeking medical assistance.

The dedicated team at General Practice Reguliersgracht is committed to delivering high-quality healthcare and ensuring the well-being of its patients. With their patient-centred approach and embrace of digital solutions, they strive to provide accessible and efficient medical care in the heart of Amsterdam.


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