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International Advanced Dentistry Lisbon

Located in Lisbon, International Advanced Dentistry is a pioneering dental medicine project that encompasses both clinical services and the establishment of an international training and research centre. The clinic boasts a specialized and multidisciplinary team that remains at the forefront of modern dentistry while also being proficient in multiple languages. With a firm belief that a healthy and balanced smile can enhance the quality of life, their vision is to provide everyone with the opportunity to achieve this goal.


Driven by their mission to deliver the finest integrated and multidisciplinary dental care, International Advanced Dentistry invests in innovative materials and techniques that prioritize the interests of those seeking to improve their oral health and smile. Embracing a digital approach, the clinic follows 100% digital clinical work protocols, which ensure thorough diagnosis and meticulous planning while maintaining the highest standards of quality, precision, and treatment success.


What sets International Advanced Dentistry apart is their commitment to teamwork and patient well-being. Their clinical options are rooted in scientific knowledge and extensive experience, with a strong focus on conservative and minimally invasive treatments. Alongside the comprehensive range of dental specialities, the clinic is supported by a team of skilled dental assistants and laboratory technicians, ensuring a holistic and efficient approach to oral healthcare.


International Advanced Dentistry in Lisbon is dedicated to providing top-tier dental services, creating healthier smiles, and contributing to the advancement of dental knowledge through their training and research centre.


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