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London Doctors Clinic Private GP

London Doctors Clinic is a well-established private GP service operating nationwide, offering same-day appointments in London and various other locations. As part of Spire Healthcare, London Doctors Clinic provides a range of services, including health screens, blood tests, STI tests, prescriptions, certificates, sick notes, referrals, and more.

With a patient-focused approach, London Doctors Clinic aims to cater to busy commuters, residents, and visitors. They have multiple clinics strategically located near major transport hubs, offering extended opening times to accommodate different schedules.

Booking a private GP appointment is convenient and accessible, with 22 clinics available across the UK, including locations such as Bank, Canary Wharf, Kensington, Manchester, and St Albans. They also offer online doctor appointments for added convenience.

With competitive pricing starting at £89 for in-clinic consultations, London Doctors Clinic strives to provide a friendly, efficient, and professional healthcare service. Their team of experienced doctors ensures prompt and effective medical care to help patients return to normal as quickly as possible.

In addition to general GP services, London Doctors Clinic also offers specialized services such as consultant appointments, specialist referrals, immigration and visa medicals, medications and prescriptions, and imaging and procedures. Their comprehensive range of services aims to meet various healthcare needs with convenience and professionalism.


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