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Louise Zeuthen is a psychoanalyst, counsellor, and author based in Copenhagen. She offers therapy to individuals who are seeking help with various aspects of their lives. Many people seek therapy when they feel that their life is not progressing as they desire. This could be due to feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, or repeated unproductive thought patterns and conflicts. Relationships with others may also be a challenge, and individuals may feel a sense of paralysis or loneliness, with their dreams seemingly out of reach.


Psychoanalysis provides a space for exploring recurring conflicts and reaction patterns that may be hindering personal growth and fulfilment. Louise Zeuthen welcomes young people and adults who wish to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and create a more harmonious life. Her approach to psychoanalysis is flexible and tailored to each individual’s needs, circumstances, and financial situation.


Louise Zeuthen holds a cand.mag. and PhD in Nordic literature and has extensive experience as a lecturer at the university. However, she now focuses exclusively on her work as a psychoanalyst. With 16 years of experience in psychoanalysis, she has developed a deep understanding of the field.


The duration and frequency of therapy sessions with Louise Zeuthen are determined based on the specific needs of each client. Some individuals may benefit from meeting several times a week, while others may find that once a week is sufficient. The length of the analysis can vary as well, with some individuals completing therapy within a few months and others continuing for several years.


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