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Mads Bundgaard Copenhagen specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of stomach and intestinal disorders, as well as anal disorders. Patients experiencing symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, loose stools, nausea, itching, pain, or bleeding in the anal area can seek assistance at the clinic.


To determine the nature of these conditions and provide appropriate treatment, the clinic conducts thorough examinations using binoculars. This examination is quick (5-10 minutes) and relatively painless. More information about the examination can be found on their website.


In cases where surgery is required, it is usually performed to address larger haemorrhoids, loose skin (mares), abscesses, fistulas, or warts in or around the rectal opening. Prior to the surgery, there is no need for intestinal cleansing. However, it is recommended to purchase and possibly start taking painkillers and laxatives.


The surgical procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, which is administered either directly into the haemorrhoids or the surrounding area of the rectal opening. Patients may feel a temporary sting, similar to receiving local anaesthesia at the dentist, lasting for about 10-20 seconds. Following the administration of anaesthesia, patients should not experience any pain during the surgery.


Mads Bundgaard Copenhagen provides specialized care for individuals with gastrointestinal and anal disorders. The clinic aims to diagnose, treat, and improve the well-being of patients experiencing these conditions through comprehensive examinations and surgical interventions when necessary.

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