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Mariami Clinic Marbella

Mariami Clinic in Marbella is owned by Dr. Maria Rosca, a highly qualified medical doctor with extensive experience in aesthetic medicine. With a medical background since 2000 and 7 years of specialization in aesthetic medicine in Spain and the UK, Dr. Maria is dedicated to providing safe and effective facial restoration and rejuvenation treatments without surgery.

At Mariami Clinic, Dr. Maria uses high-quality medical products that ensure long-term safety and natural-looking results. As a medical doctor, she is able to assess each patient’s needs, provide professional advice, and deliver treatments in a safe and professional manner.

Dr. Maria is highly recommended by her patients and has garnered positive reviews and testimonials. She is known for her stylish approach to aesthetics and has a significant presence on social media, with a large following. Her expertise in beauty and fashion further enhances her ability to provide personalized and up-to-date treatments.

At Mariami Clinic Marbella, the focus is on providing personalized care and transparency to patients. They offer free initial consultations to assess individual needs and develop clear treatment plans with detailed costs. The clinic only uses high-quality products from top laboratories, ensuring safety and effectiveness. All treatments and patient records are carefully documented and stored, guaranteeing confidentiality and data protection.

Mariami Clinic, under the guidance of Dr. Maria Rosca, aims to deliver exceptional aesthetic medicine services with a commitment to personalized care, safety, and natural-looking results.


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