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Dr. Mary McCarthy Barcelona

When you find yourself in need of an English-speaking doctor while away from home in Barcelona, look no further than Dr. Mary McCarthy. With her extensive experience and qualifications as a certified specialist in internal medicine in both the United States and Spain, Dr McCarthy is well-equipped to address your medical needs.

Dr. McCarthy brings a wealth of professional expertise, having worked as a hospital staff physician, emergency room physician, and ambulatory care physician in Barcelona. Whether you are a tourist, business traveller, student, or expatriate, she is available to provide medical assistance for any unexpected problems that may arise during your time in the city.

With over 20 years of experience practising medicine in Barcelona, Dr. Mary McCarthy offers professional and private healthcare services. Her centrally located office ensures convenient access to her expertise. As a native English speaker, you can feel confident communicating your concerns effectively, knowing that you are in the care of a doctor who understands your needs and can provide personalized attention.

Dr. Mary McCarthy specializes in adult care, catering to a wide range of medical conditions and providing comprehensive services. Whether you require an appointment, lab tests, prescription renewal, or replacement, or even documents for studies in the USA or changes in travel plans, Dr. McCarthy is dedicated to ensuring your health and well-being.

Trust in the experience and expertise of Dr. Mary McCarthy Barcelona. Schedule an appointment with her today and receive professional, private healthcare tailored to your specific needs in the heart of the city.

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