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Medical clinic Amager Boulevard Copenhagen

The medical clinic located on Amager Boulevard in Copenhagen offers a wide range of services under the supervision of Allan Hess-Larsen, a specialist in general medicine who also serves as the clinic’s owner.


The clinic provides various diagnostic and testing procedures to cater to the needs of their patients. These include blood tests, neck swabs, EKG (electrocardiogram), lung function tests, ultrasound examinations, measurement of middle ear pressure (tympanometry), measurement of oxygen saturation, vision tests, urine Stix tests, and microscopy examinations. The clinic also offers services such as submitting tissue samples for further investigations, conducting breath tests for Helicobacter Pylori (a bacteria associated with stomach ulcers), and performing height and weight measurements.


In addition to diagnostic services, the clinic offers treatments and procedures like acupuncture for headaches, lower back pain, and tennis elbow, surgical removal of minor skin changes, freezing of warts, and counselling in connection with travel vaccinations and contraception. They also provide health examinations, home blood pressure measurements, and services related to driving license certificates, medical certification work, and more.


The diverse range of services offered by the clinic reflects their commitment to comprehensive healthcare and addressing the various needs of their patients. With a focus on providing accurate diagnostics, effective treatments, and personalized care, the medical clinic on Amager Boulevard strives to promote the well-being and health of their patients in Copenhagen.

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