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Medilogics Porto

Medilogics Porto is a trusted provider offering access to a highly qualified team of doctors specializing in Occupational Health. The company ensures that its clients have access to these professionals who are capable of promoting a safe and healthy work environment while complying with current legal obligations.


The team of doctors at Medilogics Porto offers a range of examinations and assessments to fulfil these obligations. This includes conducting Admission Exams for new hires and ensuring that potential employees are fit for the roles they will undertake. Periodic annual examinations are also performed for workers engaged in high-risk functions or for those aged under 18 or over 50 years. Additionally, biannual examinations are carried out for all other workers. Occasional Exams are conducted at the request of the employer or employee or as initiated by medical professionals.


Furthermore, the doctors at Medilogics Porto perform examinations in specific situations, such as extended sick leave (more than 30 days) or sick leave resulting from work-related accidents (more than 30 days). Examinations may also be conducted due to changes in job functions or alterations in working conditions.


Medilogics Porto emphasizes the importance of efficiency and compliance with occupational health standards. By ensuring these tests are conducted with maximum efficiency, the company helps its clients avoid costly sanctions and fines. Compliance not only protects the company from legal consequences but also upholds its reputation and prestige.


With a focus on occupational health, Medilogics Porto is dedicated to providing comprehensive services to support companies in creating a safe and compliant work environment. By accessing the expertise of their highly qualified team of doctors, clients can confidently meet their occupational health obligations and prioritize the well-being of their employees.


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