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Pauluskerk Rotterdam

The Pauluskerk in Rotterdam is a compassionate and inclusive Diaconal Center dedicated to supporting individuals in need within the city and its surrounding areas. Their unwavering commitment extends to a diverse range of vulnerable populations, including homeless individuals, addicts, psychiatric patients, those without residence permits, the unemployed, young adults lacking guidance, and vulnerable elderly individuals. At the core of Pauluskerk’s mission lies the belief in the importance of providing support and fostering a “perspective of better” for these individuals, ensuring that everyone is embraced and valued.


In the face of a challenging economy, reductions in social and healthcare services, and increasingly stringent policies for foreigners and asylum seekers, surviving in society has become an uphill battle for many. Recognizing the profound impact of these circumstances, the Pauluskerk strives to offer a lifeline to those who would otherwise struggle to navigate these challenges alone. Through their comprehensive range of activities and services, the Pauluskerk aims to provide a renewed sense of hope and possibilities for those they assist.


Whether it’s by offering practical assistance, emotional support, or a safe haven, the Pauluskerk remains steadfast in its dedication to empowering individuals and offering them a fresh perspective on life. Their welcoming doors are open to all, creating an inclusive environment where everyone is embraced with warmth and understanding. The Pauluskerk serves as a beacon of compassion, ensuring that no one is left behind in their journey toward a better future.

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