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Prof. Doctor Nuno Tomada

Prof. Doctor Nuno Tomada is a highly esteemed medical specialist, renowned for his expertise in the fields of Urology and Andrology. With an impressive background and extensive experience, he is recognized as a leading authority in his field.


Dr. Nuno Tomada holds a Doctorate in Medicine and is a specialist in Urology. He has achieved a consultant degree in Urology and possesses competence in Clinical Sexology, allowing him to address a wide range of urological and sexual health issues.


As the President of the Portuguese Society of Andrology, Sexual Medicine, and Reproduction, Dr. Tomada demonstrates his commitment to advancing the field and ensuring the highest standards of patient care. He is a respected member of the Order of Physicians and has been actively involved in both basic and clinical science research.


Dr. Tomada’s expertise extends beyond his clinical practice. He serves as a university professor of Urology, sharing his knowledge and training the next generation of medical professionals. He is also engaged in international scientific and surgical activities, contributing to the global advancement of urological care.


In addition, Dr. Nuno Tomada is a founding member of ESARA (European Society of Andrological Research and Awareness), highlighting his dedication to promoting research and raising awareness in the field of Andrology.


With a modern perspective on urological treatment, Dr. Tomada specializes in performing advanced surgical procedures to address complex urological conditions. His approach combines technical excellence with a patient-centered focus, ensuring the best possible outcomes for his patients.


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