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Prof. Salvatore Cristiani Rome

Prof. Salvatore Cristiani is a highly skilled medical professional based in Rome, specializing in a range of disciplines related to sports medicine and physical health. With extensive expertise in areas such as sports medicine, clinical posturology, traumatology and sports physiatry, homeomesotherapy and auriculotherapy, arthro-rheumatic pathologies, TaoPatch applicator nanotechnology, applied kinesiology, basal spirometry, and exercise-induced asthma, Prof. Cristiani offers comprehensive care to individuals seeking optimal physical performance and well-being.


As a sports medicine specialist, Prof. Cristiani focuses on diagnosing and treating sports-related injuries, providing expert guidance and rehabilitation strategies to athletes and individuals engaged in physical activities. Clinical posturology is another area of specialization, where Prof. Cristiani addresses posture-related issues and develops customized treatment plans to improve posture and prevent musculoskeletal problems.


Prof. Cristiani also has expertise in traumatology and sports physiatry, providing comprehensive care for individuals who have experienced traumatic injuries or require rehabilitation after surgeries. His knowledge of homeomesotherapy and auriculotherapy enables him to offer alternative treatment options for pain management and other conditions.


In addition, Prof. Cristiani specializes in arthro-rheumatic pathologies, focusing on the diagnosis and management of joint and rheumatic disorders. He also utilizes innovative techniques such as TaoPatch applicator nanotechnology to provide targeted pain relief and promote healing.


Prof. Cristiani incorporates applied kinesiology into his practice, a diagnostic and therapeutic approach that assesses movement and muscle function to identify imbalances and develop tailored treatment plans. He also offers expertise in basal spirometry and exercise-induced asthma, assisting individuals in managing respiratory conditions related to physical activity.

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