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Prof. Vitale Marina Consuelo Milan

Professor Marina Consuelo Vitale is a highly qualified and experienced practitioner based in Milan. She obtained her Medical and Surgical degree from the University of Pavia in 1986, specializing in Odontostomatology in 1989 and Orthodontics in 1995 at the same university. She currently serves as a university professor at the University of Pavia.


With a strong focus on aesthetic medicine, Professor Vitale obtained her diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the European School of Aesthetic Medicine in Parma in 2010. Since then, she has dedicated her practice to aesthetic medicine, with a particular emphasis on laser-assisted surgery for scar removal, fibromas, hyperkeratosis, papillomas, stellate angiomas, ruby angiomas, and other skin conditions.


Professor Vitale also specializes in ozone therapy for the treatment of acne, joint and vertebral pain, and photo-bio-modulation to alleviate and eliminate muscle-tendon pain. When it comes to using injectable substances such as fillers and Botox, Professor Vitale is highly attentive to achieving harmonious and natural results. She focuses on preserving the unique features of each individual while enhancing facial contours in a natural-looking manner.


Harmony and naturalness form the foundation of every treatment provided by Professor Vitale. With her expertise and dedication to aesthetic medicine, she aims to help her patients achieve their desired aesthetic goals while maintaining their individuality.


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