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Ridgmount Practice London

Ridgmount Practice, located in London, offers a range of clinics and services to meet the healthcare needs of its patients. The practice has a team of dedicated practice nurses who provide various services.


The practice nurses offer asthma checks, providing support and guidance for patients with asthma, including inhaler management. They also see patients with minor illnesses such as coughs, colds, and flu, as well as minor injuries. Services like stitch removal, dressings, smear tests, and sexual health advice are also provided by the practice nurses. They can assist with repeat contraceptive prescriptions, emergency contraception, urinary infections, routine sexual health screening, smoking cessation clinics, child immunizations, adult immunizations, and ear irrigation.


Ridgmount Practice also hosts specialized clinics to cater to specific needs. The Psychology Clinic, staffed by a Camden Community Mental Health Team Psychologist, offers support for mental health concerns. The Flu Clinic, held annually in October, provides influenza vaccinations for patients aged 65 and over and those in other high-risk groups. The Travel Clinic offers travel advice and vaccinations, with appointments available by booking with the nurse at least six weeks before departure.


The practice offers additional services such as test results, e-Referral Service, electronic prescriptions, contraception services, hearing impaired services, meningitis ACW&Y vaccinations, non-NHS services, screening services, sexual health services, summary care records, vision impaired services, and easy-read materials for patients with specific needs.


Ridgmount Practice strives to provide comprehensive care and support for its patients, ensuring their well-being and meeting their specific healthcare requirements.

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