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Ritchie Street Group Practice London

Ritchie Street Group Practice in London offers a range of online services and resources to enhance patient care and accessibility. Patients have the option to self-refer for specific concerns such as muscles, joints, and feet; mental health; financial and housing issues; women’s health and sexual health; support for carers; domestic and sexual abuse help; sleeping issues; assistance for Armed Forces veterans; and general health and minor ailments. By providing self-referral options, the practice aims to empower patients to take control of their healthcare needs.


The practice also offers an E-Hub service, where patients can submit online consultation requests, known as eConsult, from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon. These requests are reviewed by a GP on Saturdays. This additional service, provided by Islington GP Federation, ensures that patients have access to medical advice and support over the weekend.


Through their online services, Ritchie Street Group Practice strives to make healthcare more convenient and accessible for their patients. By embracing technology and offering self-referral options and an E-Hub service, the practice aims to provide comprehensive care and support to their patients in London.

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