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Shoreditch Park Surgery London

Shoreditch Park Surgery, located in London, offers a range of clinics and services to cater to the healthcare needs of its patients. The practice is committed to providing comprehensive and accessible healthcare services.


The practice provides a service to help patients find NHS services, ensuring they have access to the appropriate healthcare resources and support.


Child immunizations are offered at Shoreditch Park Surgery, ensuring that children receive the necessary vaccinations to protect against various diseases and promote their overall health.


The e-Referral service is available to facilitate prompt referrals to specialists, ensuring that patients can access the specialized care they require for their specific medical conditions.


Shoreditch Park Surgery participates in the Latent TB Screening Programme, which aims to identify and treat individuals with latent tuberculosis (TB) infection, helping to prevent the development of active TB.


The practice also offers the Summary Care Record service, which provides essential medical information about patients to healthcare professionals in case of emergency or urgent care needs. This ensures that crucial information is readily available to support timely and appropriate healthcare decisions.


Tests and results are conducted and managed at Shoreditch Park Surgery, providing patients with the necessary diagnostic tests and timely access to their test results for informed medical decision-making.


Located at 10 Rushton Street, London, N1 5DR, Shoreditch Park Surgery is dedicated to delivering comprehensive healthcare services to the local community, ensuring the well-being and health of its patients.

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