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Sylvia Kollmann Berlin

Sylvia Kollmann is a bilingual family practice physician (GP) dedicated to serving the international community in Berlin. With a focus on acute and chronic illnesses, she provides comprehensive care to her patients. In addition, her office offers general physicals, health insurance exams, immunizations, and other preventive healthcare measures. If necessary, she can refer patients to English-speaking specialists across the city.

In Sylvia Kollmann’s friendly and personalized medical office, every individual patient and their environment are equally valued. The practice welcomes the entire family, providing a comfortable and supportive environment for all. Sylvia Kollmann is an English native speaker who has studied and worked in both the US and German medical systems, allowing her to understand and address the unique needs of the international community in Berlin.

Her office cooperates with the US Embassy in Berlin and is listed as an English-language healthcare provider recommended by the embassy. Additionally, Sylvia Kollmann serves as a consultant to various international schools and organizations in the city, leveraging her expertise in intercultural communication.

Sylvia Kollmann’s commitment to providing compassionate care and her ability to communicate effectively with patients from diverse backgrounds make her a trusted choice for international residents in Berlin.

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