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The doctors Gammelmønt Copenhagen

The Gammelmønt Copenhagen clinic welcomes patients from Doctor Henrik Malling, who has transferred his patients to their care. They are also pleased to introduce their new secretary, Birgitte Hygum, who has many years of experience in general practice. Additionally, doctors Anders Stjerne Søgaard and Arbnor Gashi will be temporarily employed at the clinic.

The clinic operates as a medical center where patients may encounter different doctors due to the joint ownership of the clinic and the employment of junior doctors and trainees. For chronic diseases or specific needs, patients can be connected to a regular doctor within the clinic. However, for non-urgent consultations with a specific doctor, waiting times cannot be guaranteed. In urgent cases, appointments are generally offered with available doctors, and drop-in visits do not guarantee a specific doctor.

Prescriptions for addictive drugs such as sleeping aids, sedatives, and strong painkillers are only issued after consultation in the clinic, with an ongoing assessment of the tapering-off plan following the guidance of the National Board of Health. The clinic primarily prescribes metabolism medicines such as Eltroxin and Euthyrox, unless otherwise prescribed by an endocrinology specialist with a clear treatment plan.

The clinic advises using a mask in the waiting room if presenting symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, considering the prevalence of viral infections including influenza, COVID-19, and other respiratory viruses. Drop-in nurses are available for agreed blood tests and screening for sexually transmitted diseases during specific hours, while drop-in doctors handle short, urgent problems during designated times.

The clinic offers video consultations by appointment, with same-day consultations available by contacting the clinic by phone between 8 AM and 8:15 AM. The clinic continuously employs doctors undergoing specialization to become general practitioners.

The Gammelmønt Copenhagen clinic strives to provide comprehensive and efficient healthcare services while accommodating various needs and ensuring appropriate treatment plans for their patients.

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