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The doctors in Gothersgade Copenhagen

The doctors in Gothersgade Copenhagen are conveniently located near Nørreport station. To access the clinic on the 4th floor, there is an elevator available after climbing 22 steps. For those with prams, there are designated parking areas at the gate or in the yard.


Consultations with the doctors are typically scheduled by prior appointment. Each general consultation is allocated 10 minutes. If you have multiple concerns that cannot be adequately addressed within the allotted time, you may be asked to prioritize and potentially book another appointment for further discussion. It is important to cancel any appointments you are unable to attend, and this can be done directly through the clinic’s website. On Wednesdays, the doctors offer afternoon consultations from 14:00 to 18:00, and appointments can be made online or at the secretary’s office.


The doctors at Gothersgade Copenhagen are highly regarded as some of the best general practitioners. With their expertise and commitment to providing quality healthcare, they strive to address patients’ medical needs effectively within the given timeframes.


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