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The MVZ Medical Care Centre Berlin

The MVZ Medical Care Centre in Berlin brings together a general practitioner (GP) and two kidney specialists to provide comprehensive healthcare services. The primary goal of the medical care centre is to enhance the quality of life for its patients by offering prevention, diagnostics, and therapy based on the latest medical advancements and quality standards.


The medical team at the centre consists of Dr. med. Dmytro Khadzhynov, Dr. med. Oliver Staeck (Priv.-Doz.), and Dr. med. Christian Werning. They collectively provide expertise in general medicine and kidney specialization to ensure that patients receive comprehensive and specialized care.


To enhance convenience for patients, the medical care centre offers online appointment booking, allowing patients to schedule their appointments easily and efficiently. The centre strives to accommodate patients from diverse backgrounds by offering services in multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, and Ukrainian.


Accessibility is an important aspect of the MVZ Medical Care Centre. The premises are designed to be barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible, ensuring that patients with mobility challenges can easily access the facilities.


In terms of parking, the centre provides a limited number of patient parking spaces to facilitate convenient access for individuals visiting the medical care centre.


Overall, the MVZ Medical Care Centre in Berlin aims to provide patient-centred care, focusing on the well-being and improved quality of life of their patients. With a team of dedicated professionals and a commitment to accessibility and convenience, they strive to deliver high-quality healthcare services.

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