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The Salivary Gland Clinic (CGS) Porto

The Salivary Gland Clinic (CGS) in Porto is a specialized medical facility dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of salivary gland diseases. With a focus on providing comprehensive and individualized care, CGS strives to offer the best possible services based on the latest knowledge and techniques.


The clinic emphasizes close patient service and follow-up, aiming to improve the quality of life for individuals with salivary gland pathology. This is achieved through the integration of various healthcare areas, encompassing prevention, diagnosis, and treatment stages.


CGS focuses on conservative treatment methods for salivary gland conditions, aiming to preserve the glands whenever possible. The clinic offers a range of interventions, including intracanal irrigation and drug application for cases of sialadenitis, washing of microcalculi and mucous plugs for sialodoquitis, and removal of stenosis through canal dilation or debridement.


Additionally, CGS provides specialized treatments such as marsupialization and chemo-cauterization for sublingual ranulas, transoral removal of calculi from the hilum of the submandibular gland, transjugular removal of terminal parotid gland stones, and sialendoscopy-guided removal of submandibular and parotid stones. The clinic also performs extracapsular dissection for the excision of benign parotid gland tumours.


By employing advanced techniques and a patient-centric approach, CGS aims to deliver optimal outcomes and improve the well-being of individuals with salivary gland disorders. The highly skilled and experienced team at CGS is committed to providing personalized care and ensuring that patients receive the most effective and appropriate treatments for their specific conditions.


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