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Tourist Medical Center

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Tourist Medical Center Amsterdam is a dedicated healthcare facility catering to the medical needs of tourists. Open round-the-clock, seven days a week, it provides a range of services to ensure the well-being of visitors in unfamiliar surroundings. Whether seeking medical assistance, physiotherapy, dental care, or pharmaceutical services, the centre boasts a team of highly skilled doctors, physiotherapists, dentists, and pharmacists who are ready to offer their expertise and support.

Recognizing the challenges of falling ill while away from home, Tourist Medical Center serves as a comprehensive resource for tourists in need of medical attention. Any concerns regarding finding reputable doctors, specialists, such as pharmacists or physiotherapists, or the necessary arrangements for appointments can be addressed at the centre. With the aim of providing convenience, it serves as a centralized hub where tourists can have all their queries answered, helping them locate a suitable tourist doctor, pharmacist, or physiotherapist in close proximity.

For tourists experiencing dental issues, the centre offers specialized dental care services. Accomplished dentists are available to conduct thorough examinations, recommend appropriate treatments, and address any concerns related to dental healthcare. Whether tourists require urgent dental attention or routine check-ups, the centre strives to connect them with competent dentists conveniently located near their accommodations.

At Tourist Medical Center Amsterdam, the dedicated staff endeavours to ensure that visitors receive prompt and expert care, relieving their worries and making their stay in Amsterdam as comfortable as possible.

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