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Ulrich Eberhard Madrid

Dr. Ulrich Eberhard is a specialist in general medicine and naturopathy, practising at the renowned group practice called “Medicos Para Ti – Doctors for you” in the heart of Madrid. With a strong background in both conventional medicine and complementary therapies, Dr. Eberhard offers a holistic approach to patient care.


As a general medicine practitioner, Dr. Eberhard provides comprehensive medical services to patients of all ages. He has a broad knowledge base and expertise in diagnosing and treating various health conditions. Dr. Eberhard focuses on understanding the underlying causes of illnesses and aims to promote overall wellness and preventive care.


In addition to his general medical practice, Dr. Eberhard specializes in naturopathy, which involves using natural remedies and therapies to support the body’s healing processes. He incorporates complementary and alternative treatments into his practice, considering the individual needs and preferences of his patients.


Dr. Eberhard collaborates closely with Dr. Sigrid Bormann at the Medicos Para Ti practice. This multidisciplinary approach allows patients to benefit from a wide range of medical perspectives and expertise, enhancing the quality of care provided.


Located in the centre of Madrid, Medicos Para Ti offers a convenient and accessible location for patients seeking healthcare services. With Dr. Ulrich Eberhard’s specialization in general medicine and naturopathy, patients can expect a comprehensive and personalized approach to their healthcare needs.

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